Fleet Management

Transforming Fleet Management: Drive Efficiency, Safety, and Profitability

We were born more than 15 years ago as a company implementing the most modern technology for fleet and field personnel management. We continue to lead by incorporating the best Sensors, Management Software and a 24×7 Monitoring Center.

Our Software Platform and its specialized Tools for many industry applications

Our multifunctional Solution for Fleet tracking and monitoring

Fleet Video Telematics

Manage all of your Fleet videos and telemetry…

Agricultural Management: Hecterra

Our Agricultural module for Smart Farming…

Mobile Workforce Management: WiaTAG

The Solution for mobile workforce management…

Cold Chain Management: Sensors

Monitor and automate control of your perishables…

Driver Behavior Management

Improve your drivers’ safety and working environment…

Vehicle rental, leasing, loan Management: LeaseControl

Implement maximum safety and control of your assets …

Logistics Management: Logistics

The Solution for Delivery services, dispatchers, couriers, and your Customers.

Bus and people transportation Management:NimBus

Manage your public transportation automation needs. 

Fleet maintenance Management: FleetRun

Maximize the efficiency of your fleet’s maintenance.

Generamos Informes periódicos y alertas a demanda para recordarles de eventos de mantenimiento o administrativos (pólizas, licencias, etc.) venideros o vencidos.

Software de Módulos Especializados

We help you streamline your workflow and maximize profits with our Fleet management solutions.

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