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Fleet Management

We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies to achieve your company’s maximum productivity and safety. We’ll show you how.


At XEVOLVEX, we blend over 15 years of expertise with cutting-edge technology to optimize your Operations. We focus on enhancing safety and efficiency with innovative telematics and fleet management services. For example: significantly reducing driver fatigue and distraction. 

Our customized solutions leveraging the best of Cloud computing, Software as a Service, Artificial Intelligence, M2M Technologies, and IoT, safeguard your assets and lives. Harness the power of advanced, reliable solutions tailored to your needs, (flexible leasing options are available for your CAPEX/OPEX needs). 

Let’s redefine operational management. Contact us at info@xevolvex.com

Fatigue management
and Safety

We are pioneers in the application of Artificial Intelligence combined with our 24×7 Monitoring Center to provide the Best-in-Class full turnkey Service. We guarantee the reduction of your incidents due to fatigue and distraction. Your Customers and Collaborators will thank you.


Thanks to our vast experience in Telemetry technology, we are recognized experts in Fleet Management Systems. These systems are specifically designed to efficiently adapt to small, medium, and large fleets, ensuring optimal automated management.

Video Telemetry, Safety
and Security

Video Telematics: not just a technological buzzword, but a necessity today. We provide the best AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning technologies. See how we apply it….


Applied technology for specific uses in your operation: AI-supervised perimeter surveillance? Automatic tire pressure control? Monitoring and control of your field staff?…find out how…

Solutions by Industry

We guarantee excellence in the deployment of high-tech solutions specifically designed for your industry. Need something innovative? We are Engineers, we will design it to your specifications.

Port Terminals

Turnkey solutions specially calibrated for the Port industry: fatigue/distraction control and Fleet Management. Reduce risk entirely.


We know Mining and its special needs: over 15 years providing world-class Mining Companies with cutting-edge Technology.


Discover our vast experience deploying Agricultural Solutions with Telemetry. Be it Commercial or RTK (high precision).

Multimodal Transportation

We cover the control and total visibility needs in all phases of Intermodal freight transport: roads, rail, air and sea.

Heavy Industries

Wherever there is a need for reliable and robust Telematics Solutions, XEVOLVEX has the know-how: Gas, Oil, Land, Maritime transport and beyond.

Waste Management

We help optimize your fleet and personnel operations in the Waste industry. Reducing occupational hazards, accidents, and giving you visibility and control in your field.

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We are an experienced team of Professionals in Technology with trajectory and wide international recognition.

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