Waste Management

Waste Management

Revolutionize waste management operations with our fleet telematics solutions. Enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and optimize routes for waste collection and disposal, resulting in improved services and reduced costs.

Comprehensive Fatigue/Distraction Management for Your Operators

Receive real-time alerts 24/7 to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your fleet and human-operated  machinery. Our solution combines advanced AI technology and human analysis to detect driver fatigue and associated risks with REAL TIME alerting. We offer complete visibility through reports and statistics. Our service is unique, combining Artificial Intelligence plus human revision.

Manage Your Fleet, Field Personnel and valuable goods

Have complete control of your assets, your operation, and compliance with procedures. Manage this regardless of the size of your operational area. We monitor and locate your fleet, machinery or personnel. Monitor stops, times, routes and sensors (tilt, aperture, closing).

Workplace Safety Technology

Employ advanced workplace safety technologies in waste management, minimizing risk, enhancing worker safety, and reducing accidents and downtime. Such as:

Video Telematics

Telemetry data + Video + AI = Optimal Solutions. Transform your operations with our advanced video telematics. Improve safety, efficiency, and accountability while mitigating risks with real-time visibility, AI-driven insights, and robust data analysis.

Remote Perimeter Security via VIDEO Telematics + AI

Enhance your existing video camera network with Artificial Intelligence and detect anomalies in any weather or environment, outside or inside. Identify violations to safety rules, theft, vandalism, unauthorized entries.

Integration with Other Software Applications

Unleash the full power of integrated systems. We design SW interfaces for integration of your Fleet’s data from our Fleet Management System (FMS) with your ERP, CRM, SCM, or TMS systems. Maximize results with optimal business intelligence.

We help you streamline your workflow and maximize profits with our Fleet management solutions.

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