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Tire Pressure Management Systems

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are vital technologies retrofitted in vehicles to consistently monitor the air pressure in tires. By alerting drivers to under-inflation issues in real-time, TPMS can significantly enhance road safety by preventing tire-related accidents. Beyond safety, proper tire pressure contributes to improved fuel efficiency, extended tire lifespan, and overall vehicle performance. TPMS is a key component in effective fleet management, ensuring the safety and efficiency of drivers and vehicles alike.

Temperature, humidity, CO2 Sensors

Receive real-time alerts indicating changes, alterations, or failures. Comply with Cold Chain requirements.

Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management is a strategic approach aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and safety by accurately tracking and managing mobile employees. Leveraging GPS technology, these systems provide real-time updates on staff location, activity, and route optimization. They enable timely task allocation, schedule management, and safety enforcement, even in remote locations. These trackers are instrumental in reducing hazards, ensuring employee safety, and mitigating risk. By ensuring timely deliveries, faster response times, efficient use of resources, and safety compliance, this technology fosters improved customer service and business performance.

Fuel Control Systems

Using RFID, sensors, and HW/SW technology, our systems automatically and in detail control the flow of fuel throughout the chain, from tanks to vehicles and portable machinery. Control flows, schedules, fillings, and maximum permitted flows, integrating it with your ERP (SAP, Oracle) to avoid errors and automate processes. Receive detailed reports with statistics and graphics of consumption and abnormalities, ensuring a return on investment very rapidly.

Remote Zone Security via Video + AI (Virtual Guard)

Maximize security with our Virtual Guard Solution. Our Video AI service turns your existing or new camera network into a constant security personnel, using AI to efficiently detect anomalies in real-time. Receive immediate alerts on your device, backed by our 24×7 Monitoring Center. Prevent theft, fire, vandalism, monitor suspicious behavior, identify faces and control crowds in any location. Additionally, control audio systems, lights, doors, and more, remotely. Permanent service VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service), anywhere in the world, for indoor and outdoor applications.

We help you streamline your workflow and maximize profits with our Fleet management solutions.

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