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In XEVOLVEX we are Integrators: we are constantly testing and developing Telematic Services and Systems based on the best available Hardware, Software and Communication products even before they hit the market. Our aim is to be on the forefront of Technology and deliver the most advanced, reliable and personalized Solutions to your Industry's needs. We guarantee it.

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We bring over 15 years
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many Industries.

We work with our Clients to review, study, analyze and implement the most efficient Solutions to their operations: real time, full visibility and data to measure its progress.

Fatigue and Occupational Risk Management
Fleet Management: real-time GPS, telemetry, fuel control...
VideoTelematics: Safety and Control via Video

Fatigue and Occupational Risk Management

Our full Service is one of a kind. We implemented the best of both worlds: State of the art Hardware/Software systems with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) paired with a fully staffed 24×7 highly trained Monitoring Center. Its purpose: tending to real time threats, communicating them the minute they occur for our Customers’ decision making process and providing a 2nd pass filter to the incoming alerts. Thus achieving almost total precision to the AI’s analysis: that which only the complement of the Human eye can give.  These are part of the components of a tried and tested Fatigue and distraction Management Service. Service in operation throughout the Americas more than 5 years already.

We provide advanced preemptive alerts to both your field dispatcher and in-cabin driver/operator. Available via emails and IM (Telegram) for immediate attention and decision making: replace the Driver, have her/him take a break, etc. All in real time, collecting data and statistics to give you full visibility.

  1. Save lives.
  2. Lower operational risks.
  3. Improve Operator behavior: Driver coaching.
  4. Reduce and eliminate driving incidents and risky behavior.
  5. Lower insurance costs.

Amongst the Solutions we offer we have:

  • ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. To prevent frontal collisions by advanced alerting detecting objects while calculating real-time speeds.
  • DMS: Driver Monitoring Systems to improve safety and driving behavior via AI and facial analysis to preempt fatigue and distraction effects. Visualize usage of safety belts, cellphone usage while driving, etc.
  • Blind-spot detection for vehicles and machinery: via radar or Video AI 360 degrees around your machinery or vehicle.

Ask us about our vast experience fine-tuning our Services to Clients in the Mining, Container Terminal and Multimodal Transport industries.

You will be surprised how such relatively small expenditure can save so much.

Mining, Container Terminals, Multimodal transportation...some of the industries with specific needs of Fatigue and distraction Management Services.

Fleet management

We started business over 15 years ago implementing the most modern technologies applied to Fleet management and field Personnel. We continue the trend incorporating the best in Sensors, automation and Fleet management SW platforms. These are some of the highlights of our Services:

  1. Data transmission for all geographical challenges: cellular, satellite (Orbcomm, Inmarsat), WiFi and LORAWAN. This way ensuring data transmission in real time. Over land, sea or air.
  2. Operator/driver behavior management: Driver coaching to reduce aggressive driving, fatigue and distraction control.
  3. Your vehicle or fleet monitored and visualized in real time.
  4. Our 24×7 Monitoring Center provides emergency or operational support and alerts’ management in real time. Our Experts guard your vehicle or fleet without down time. Anywhere in the world.
  5. Various monitoring systems (PC, tablet, laptop, Android, IOS) and Reports all developed to have your Fleet achieve maximum efficiency: Maintenance schedules setup, fuel control, idling control, review total distances traveled, stop and/or unscheduled travel times, many more features available. Ask us.
  6. Our SW Platform has specific Modules unique to specific applications: Monitoring and Control for Leasing, financing, rental vehicle companies. Agricultural Modules specific to the agro industry, Logistical SW tools for dispatching and checking your Fleet and drivers, etc.

Security and Control
via Video Analytics

Video Telematics via the integration of cameras in the Cloud is the new reality. Add to it the smarts of AI (Artificial Intelligence), sensors and Machine Learning, and you’ll have optimal Solutions:

  • Achieve a holistic view of your Fleet’s performance. Drivers’ safety, cargo, Facial ID, temperature, humidity, shock, impact, routing control, anti-theft controls, fuel usage and many more. 
  • Real time cargo parameters: volumetric information.
  • Video evidence for liability, insurance purposes.
  • Security Monitoring in the office, warehouse, parking lot, shop, : Complement or replace Security guards on the field with AI, Deep Learning (Machine learning) and optimize your monitoring and surveillance capabilities. Thus reducing dramatically your costs.

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