Maximize efficiency and safety every day.

Only what is measured can be managed (Peter Drucker).

We evolved
along with your Operations.

Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a follower (Steve Jobs).

Improve Safety
in your Operations:
fatigue and distraction control

If you can't measure it, you can't change it (Peter Drucker).

XEVOLVEX: Providers of fleet management, video and telemetry Services.

Services and
Main products

Management of Fatigue
and Occupational Risk

We are the pioneers in applying AI analysis coupled with a 24x7 Monitoring Center to provide a best-in-class turnkey Service. Guaranteed to lower your amount of incidents and overall risk. Your employees and customers will thank you.

Fleet Management

Our core business. Turnkey Services designed
with scalability in mind. Telematics via an
optimal integration of Hardware + Software + Communications, at affordable prices.

Security and Control
via Video

Videotelematics: not just a buzzword but a necessity. We
have partnered with the best Artificial-Intelligence (AI) and
Machine Learning technologies.

Solutions by Industry

Excelling in the deployment of custom-made Hi-Tech Solutions applied to your Industry.

Port Terminals

Finely calibrated turnkey Solutions in the areas of Fatigue/distraction control and Fleet Management. Best in class Services in the Americas.


We know mining and its special needs for the application of Technology in all aspects. More than 12 years with the best-known companies worldwide speak for us.


Ask us about our long experience deploying Telematics' based agricultural Solutions. Either with Commercial or RTK (high precision) measurements.

Multimodal Transport

Covering the needs of full visibility and control over all modes for Intermodal freight transport of cargo and containers: land, air and sea.

General Industries

Wherever a solid, rugged and reliable Telematics' Service is required, we have the know-how: Gas, Oil, Logistics, Rail transport, Maritime transport.

Waste industry

We can help you optimize your Waste management fleet and personnel operations. Reduction of labor risks, accidents. Control and visibility of all aspects of your industry.


Technology that impacts our industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are the buzzwords these days. We came back from CES 2023 in Las Vegas, NV, and what a show!



Some of our clients

Evolving with you
and optimizing
your operations.

Xevolvex is born out of the necessity to expand our horizons internationally. With much better capabilities, services and Technology on par with a new Industrial Revolution in deep need of dogmatic changes. Evolving, modernizing and contributing towards a better world: implementing eco-friendly practices and taking care of our Mother Earth.


Y bienvenido a nuestra nueva identidad: